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I was born at a very early age – a trait I proudly share with the legendary comedian Groucho Marx. Rather than bore you with personal history though I’ll just say that over 20 years ago I did and audition to challenge myself and try something new. It was a terrifying experience with an unexpected outcome – I was hired! So I just got lucky and managed to make music my profession. It’s a great job!

Since then I have developed a repertoire mainly trying to keep up with requests and as a result many of my songs are recognizable all time favorites.

My web address is Best Music Man dot com. I like the name and it’s the best I could find for marketing purposes. I don’t actually believe my own hype but I have been singing and playing guitar for a living since 1989 and as you would expect and hope I have developed some skill at it.

I definitely try to be the best when it comes to being professional. Punctuality, appearance, communication, flexibility, proper volume for the event and so on.  People who know me are confident in both my performance and professionalism.

I have worked with Royal Caribbean and Premier Cruise Lines in the past, and currently specialize in social and corporate events.